Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My almost complete bedroom (23 photos), by Michelle Treiber

I've been redecorating my bedroom for the past week since my ex-boyfriend moved out. If you didn't know that he's gone, you do now, and don't worry, I'm fine! I am having fun being girly again so here is my bedroom. I still want to put a few small things on the wall. I am in LOVE with my new vanity! I have always wanted one and now I have one! Retail therapy always works! And I'm celebrating my win in court. So many ways to justify my shopping and redecorating but there's really no need to; I want to and I can! :)

Well the video refuses to load as a video so I extracted frames from the video. If you want to watch this, here is the link; watch it as a slide show and you can tell that it once was a video. I think so at least. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Michelle :)


Kay Sibley said...

Michelle, congratulations on winning your court case! Yes, time to celebrate and that always means shopping for me, too! I wasn't able to see your slide show but I can see the first photo. Love the fun, funky rug!! Really adorable!!! ♥♥ Kay

Anonymous said...

beautiful room Michelle! I am glad you are doing things just for you!