Saturday, August 15, 2009

Christmas Cards

I'm doing my first holiday craft fair this Noember and I'm so excited! The only problem is that I have to make a lot of cards in just a few months and I'm such a sloooowww cardmaker. To remedy this little "problem," I have decided to make more than one of a card which I never do. I just can't seem to make things exactly the same so I figure, same line of paper, same sketch, it's the same but different.
That's how these 3 cards, using the fantastic sketch this week from CPS 128, were made. I used Basic Grey's Eskimo Kisses and my Cricut Stretch Your Imagination cart for 2 of the trees. The sparkly one is Melissa Frances chipboard inked and covered in glitter.

Hope you like holiday cards because that's almost all you will see when you visit me from now on!
Thanks for stopping by!
Michelle :)


Heidi Van Laar said...

These are gorgeous! I hate making the same card twice too, I think I get bored!

(-: Heidi

Anonymous said...

wow Michelle, these christmas cards are great, love all the detail you put into them and knowing you I am sure you put alot of time into them :)

Kay Sibley said...

These are stunning!! Have fun making all the cards. I can't wait to see what else you do!! ♥♥ Kay

Karen said...

I love seeing Holiday cards and always hope they will inspire me! I used to be good about sending out my Christmas cards, but in the last (oh my gosh, I'm about to be seriously embarrassed here) Several Years now, I have been HORRIBLE about it! Me? A paper crafter?! Oh NO! That's the worst sin, right? But, if I send them to anyone outside of my immediate, IMMEDIATE family, then the list suddenly BURSTS to at least 80 (and that's only family and the CLOSEST of friends) and I just get overwhelmed. SO! My hat is off, I salute and commend anyone who has their act together and is getting their Holiday card mojo ON! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

I am a slow crafter myself and almost never make cards in multiples. Its just not me. And it sounds like its not you, either. I think you used CPS's sketch really well and I'm sure you will light up faces for your loved ones when they receive these! :>

I'm glad I popped by and hope to come back for more Christmas inspiration! :>

Anonymous said...

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