Saturday, May 23, 2009

2 Sketches 4 You #26

I haven't done much crafting lately and it's torture! I got my 2 great kits in the mail and couldn't do much with them until today. I used my Creating Keepsakes kit to make this card using Laura's Sketch #26 at 2 Sketches for You. It's almost all Sassafrass except the green paper which is prima. The ribbon is from my stash.

Here are a few pictures of flowers from my backyard. The roses bloomed in the past day or two and are just gorgeous.

And finally, here is my little cat Celia hiding in the rose bushes keeping cool:


Laura Davis said...

Darling card Michelle! I love the pics of your roses, beautiful!

Kay Sibley said...

Adorable card! I LOVE Sassafras! Fabulous job on the sketch!

Wow, you've got gorgeous roses! And such a cute kitty cat. :o) Glad to see your card. I missed ya!
♥♥ Kay

Karen said...

Love the little flower you tied on with the ribbon! Thank you for sharing your rose photos...they are beautiful! Our male cat's favorite place for an afternoon nap (or to escape the kidlets) is under the rose bushes in our backyard. :>

Heidi Van Laar said...

Fabulous card Michelle! I love the fun mix of pattern and color!

I can almost smell those roses!

(-: Heidi

Anonymous said...

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