Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Cards and a Turkey Vulture!?!?

I haven't made any cards in the past few days but I have a few more Earth Day cards that I made last week to share.
I've started making more transparent cards lately because I love the amazing creations I've seen during my daily bloghopping. I'm going to have to get some of these Short Cuts everyone seems to love so much soon!
The transparent cards were made using packaging from one of my birthday presents. (It was St. Patty's day--the funnest bday every year!) I felt awful using plastic on an Earth Day card but I think since it's recycled it's ok, right?
I used my new Cuttlebug embossing folder on this one. (I forgot what it's called already.)

Lots of JilliBean Soup recycled paper on these:

And finally, the Turkey Vulture! Since moving to New Jersey (yes, I know it is so "rural" here...but I'm a Brooklyn girl!), I've seen critters in real life and am in awe that they are so close to me. It's like being at the zoo in real life! hee hee. Anyway, today I was walking down my street with my kitties (yes, the little cats just walk next to me, no leash, it's bizarre they are like dogs, but anyway..) this ginormous creature flies right near us and lands on a roof. I had to get a picture of it. A woman on my street (who I'm sure now thinks I'm nuts for standing in the street staring at a bird right near the home she shares with her son that she was accompanied by) thought is was a hawk; I thought it was a turkey at first, then thought a vulture; and another 2 ladies walking their dog, said that it was a turkey vulture. Aha!! So I ran to get my camera so I could google "turkey vulture" and compare my photos to be sure that this scary looking bird (who was obviously waiting for us to leave so that he could eat the dead squirrel in the middle of the street ewww, sorry) and in fact, I am happy to say, Wikipedia confirmed that it is indeed a turkey vulture. :)

I just finished a trial today and the result was a hung jury. I am exhausted; I think it was more grueling waiting for a verdict (that never came)than trying the case. I may as well put some of my work history in my blog since it is the only place I really keep track of what I do.
I'll have some new scappy stuff soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
Michelle :)


Anonymous said...

love the new earth cards! cute how the cats walk beside you, and you are too funny about taking the pic of the vulture!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Fabulous cards! I totally think it's OK to use plastic on the cards, esp. since it's recycled...better than in a landfill right?

Your turkey vulture story is too funny! I practically live in the should see what comes through my yard!!

Jerusha said...

I love the cards, you did a great job! That bird is rather freaky! Your blog looks great, love the new look!!!!

Kay Sibley said...

Michelle, these cards are so awesome!!! I love what you did with them and I've STILL never tried the clear cards, yet!!! I must!! That turkey vulture is so interesting, but kind of scares me at the same time! LOL!!! Kay

Anonymous said...

Fab cards Michelle... I have yet to try clear cards. Yours looks awesome.