Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's definitely beginning to look like Christmas!

Well, it's been a busy week and unfortunately not all of it was good. My boyfriend's brother passed away on Monday. He was 38 and had a heart attack. We went to Rhode Island on Monday, came back Tuesday, went back again on Friday and got back today. The drive there is usually 3 hours and it took us 10 hours! That was because of the ridiculous amount of snow and traffic. The roads in Connecticut were barely plowed, but at least we did make it there. I did manage to get a few projects done and I know that's what you are here for!
My first project is a recipe box that I made for my boyfriend's mother. It's the first one I ever made. The pp is all K & Co. And the ribbons are way too many to name!

Here is a cute litte mitten card sending "Warm wishes." The pp is all from Target $ spot.

And my final "masterpiece," is our small tree. We usually get a ginormous tree but we got a 4 ft tree and put it on a cabinet. Our tree topper doesn't light up anymore so I made this little bow and used some pipe cleaners.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays!

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Heidi Van Laar said...

So sorry to hear about the rough time you've been having. I really hope things get better for you from here on out!
Your Christmas projects are beautiful! Amazing job on the recipe box! And your mitten card is adorable! Gotta love the dollar spot!