Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let it Snow!

I haven't been able to do much crafting in the past few days but luckily today I will have some time to get some done. Last night I finished my card for the Paper Therapy challenge over at

The only other thing I have to post is a pic of all of my awesome deals at Amazing Savings. My sister came for the weekend, as she frequently does, and we went scrappy shopping. She is into scrapbooking but is apparently a little embarrassed by it. So hopefully none of the famous people she gets to work with will see this! LOL. She really does work in movies as a P.A. That means she does all the grunt work, running around a million hours a week but she truly loves it! Right now she is working on Life on Mars. It really is a good show. She also worked on the Sex and the City movie. Anyway, ode to My Sister Sam is done. I did make a mini album of her work in the movies and I think I'll post that here again too!

So, for those of you who managed to stay with me during my rambling and are jealous of the goodies I got (even the basket and paper holder for $38) I will once again share my stuff with you! Tell me one thing about any sibling or other family member and I will draw a random number and share my stuff with you! Looking forward to hearing some good stuff!


Jerusha said...

I just love that card, it is fabulous! And your mini album of your sister is so great! I love it! That is so cool that she works in the movies!

I don't have siblings that do that, but my sister just got a job in a competitve market with some big, hot shot accounting firm. I must admit, accounting is NOT my cup of tea, but she enjoys it and she is really smart. Not even thru her first semester of her last year of University and she already has a job lined up. How cool is she? :D

Heidi Van Laar said...

These are beautiful!
You've been tagged!
Drop by my blog to see what this means.

Submarine Wife said...

Michelle I love your card! The mini album you made for your sister is so sweet and its truly beautiful!!!

Her job although probably hard and tiring sounds very fun!!

Have a great night

Anonymous said...

The card you made is wonderful except that it makes me want to wrap up and snuggle in a blanket.

I think that is neat about your sisters job..I am sure you and her always have something to talk about.

I have two brothers and they are older them me..we all are 18 months apart.My olderest brother is a teacher and coaches varisty baseball and has two kids..My other brother works at a company called gordon food service and has one daughter...we all live less than twenty minutes away from each other so its means alot to me even though still i can fight with them wonderfully like we use to when we were young..hee hee..gotta love sibling fights..